Hypo- / Dysmyelination

Hypo-Dysmyelination, or “shaking pup,” is characterized by a severe tremor beginning at about twelve days of age followed by late onset convulsions and, under natural conditions, an early death by about 3-4 months of age. While this condition affects such canine breeds as the Bernese mountain dog and the Samoyed, it is most severe in the springer spaniel. In this disorder, there is a lack of, or abnormal myelination in the spinal cord and parts of the brain. The proprioceptive system is most affected, which is important for the coordination of body movements and positioning. Because this trait is sex-linked in the springer spaniel, males are most severely affected. By two weeks of age, male pups develop a severe tremor of the body, head, and legs that heightens with excitement and decreases during rest. Females will be carriers of the trait and may show mild signs as puppies that disappear by 4 to 6 weeks of age. The mother of an affected springer spaniel is a carrier, so she should not be used again for breeding. While there is no treatment for hypo-dysmyelination, affected puppies typically improve over time, usually by one year of age.

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Certification of Results

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The following sample(s) can be submitted for the testing:
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DNA Storage

VetNostic Laboratories provides DNA storage for all of our extracted specimens. If a customer wishes to perform an additional test on a previously extracted specimen they can simply call or email us with the animal's name and/or VNL number along with the test to be performed. This storage is provided free of charge.

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