Clear by Parentage Certificate

VetNostic Laboratories will provide a Clear by Parentage certificate for any of our genetic tests provided that we tested both the Sire and the Dam.

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The following sample(s) can be submitted for the testing:
- Cheek swabs

Reporting Results

Test results can be viewed through your VetNostic Laboratories® web account within 10 business days from the moment the samples arrive at the laboratory. Results can also be reported via Mail, E-Mail, or Fax.

DNA Storage

VetNostic Laboratories provides DNA storage for all of our extracted specimens. If a customer wishes to perform an additional test on a previously extracted specimen they can simply call or email us with the animal's name and/or VNL number along with the test to be performed. This storage is provided free of charge.

Price: $15.00
Number of dogs to be tested: Add To Cart